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» Saturday, August 01, 2009
Coupon Coups and Other Saturday Stories
Goodness, James was up early again. I heard him get up—it's impossible to miss the loud hiss of a sleep apnea machine mask pulled off—then dozed off again until about eight o'clock and then debated with getting up until about 8:20, when it was close to the alarm going off.

It was "soft" outside, still overcast and cool when we left the house. We arrived at the Farmer's Market about 9:10; plenty of parking, but still crowded, so people must have parked right on the square. We got extra corn for company next weekend, a big tomato the size of a softball and two little cucumbers, French bread, an apple turnover, and breakfast for both of us (croissants), and visited the rescue greyhounds. They are so beautiful with their big liquid eyes. Like Basenjis, they always look a bit worried. "Did I leave the gas on? Maybe it was the iron..."

From the Farmer's Market we went out toward Merchant's Walk. James was looking for the new "Backwoods Home" and the East Cobb Borders is the most likely to have it. On the way to Borders we stopped at the Hallmark store. I had forgotten to look for their special miniatures gingerbread Santa and reindeer. Santa in his sleigh and Dasher and Dancer came out for the ornament premiere last month. Prancer and Vixen are due out next Saturday, Comet and Cupid on September 12 (the weekend of the Yellow Daisy Festival), and Donner and Blitzen on Columbus Day weekend. They will go well with my little gingerbread display in the kitchen.

Borders had a selection of coupons you could use, so I did very well. I found the new "Early American Life" ($2 off with coupon), the next "Sisters Grimm" book ($2 kids' book coupon), Doggie Day Care Murder in paperback ($2 coupon for fiction book), and The Perfect Summer, a book about pre-WWI England that Dani mentioned on her blog ($5 coupon for a history book). Then—jackpot! James found three Gaelic Storm CDs in the music department. Woohoo! Add $5 off coupon on any CD. Plus I had two rewards coupons. I'm really going to miss those things.

We hit Bed, Bath & Beyond briefly with a coupon ready to join the choir eternal in a couple of days. I found an adjustable shelf for one of our cupboards that doesn't have enough storage space. It fits on top of another space to make another surface to hold baking pans. Also stopped at Michaels and found a great amusing gift for a friend.

Stopped at Trader Joe's for Sunday supper, chicken salad, cereal, and other goodies, then headed to the hobby shop, where I sat in the conference room happily reading my "Early American Life." I wanted to stop by the Publix on Delk Road—they have twofer oatmeal this weekend and I must get at least three boxes for work, but James turned the other way, so we stopped at the Publix at South Cobb instead. Nuts. I should have made him make a U-turn (he offered, but I was hungry and the heat that had been amplifying since we left the Farmers Market was making me nauseated), because there was no lower-sugar oatmeal there at all except for the apple cinnamon, which is too sweet for me. They had the weight control kind, but I wouldn't give that to the dog to eat—you open it and it reeks with a saccharine smell and tastes even worse.

So we came home to a blessedly cool house, just in time for Colour Confidential, and then I put on the recording I made of G4's Comicon coverage. It was okay, but the hosts were young and rather dippy. The Star Wars coverage was mildly interesting when Anthony Daniels was talking and they showed bits from Clone Wars, otherwise it was sorta boring. The three hours of floor coverage gradually got sillier and sillier, with the hosts appearing in different costumes.

James put the DVD he bought on afterwards: Japanese anime thing called The Sky Crawlers. I didn't watch the story, which ended on a depressing note, but James was watching it for the truly spectacular aviation animation, which was so close to real-life it was breathtaking. Also spectacularly animated clouds and ocean waves. Wow.

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