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» Tuesday, August 11, 2009
We were watching Animal Cops: Phoenix last night and the situation would have been comical if the dog involved hadn't been in pain:

The humane society was called about an injured puppy that had come into a vet clinic. The owner admitted he had accidentally stepped on the puppy's leg and broken it. He took it to the vet, who diagnosed a fracture. Instead of having the fracture treated, the guy said he could do it himself and took it home. When the HS rep got there, it turned out the guy's "treatment" was a finger splint tied onto the wrong part of the dog's leg with an inadequate as well as too-tight bandage that was making the puppy's foot swell. They confiscated the puppy and the guy was required to appear in court. The judge asked what experience he had in treating medical problems in animals. He seemed rather indignant that they could question his expertise. He was a college graduate, after all, and owned his own business!

(If he was trained as a paramedic, maybe, I could see. Or a nurse. Even had a Boy Scout First Aid badge...)

Maybe Mr. College-Graduate-With-His-Own-Business should hook up with this gal.