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» Sunday, August 02, 2009
A Busy Sunday
Next in our saga of searching for twofer oatmeal...

Not much, really. We dropped James' prescriptions off at Kroger, went across the street to Publix. They had lots of my flavor oatmeal; we got more fruit cups, too. Came back to Kroger and found some nice steaks on the markdown shelf and also some pre-marinated pork chops, and of course the usual bananas, yogurt and milk. James got gasoline, we came home. Then I had to get gasoline, so we went down to the Borders in Austell, intending to get gas at the QT—but they didn't have what James was looking for, so we left there and went to the Borders at Parkway Pointe and got gas at Costco instead.

Spent the afternoon preparing for guests: cleaned the guest room and put new linens on the bed, washed the comforter and dusted everything. Also gave the hall bathroom a good scrub. Watched Clark Howard, read the paper, watched Merlin, then put up the steaks we had bought and tossed the trash.

We had planned to watch the third episode of The Tudors (we have the first disk from Netflix), but the disk jerked to a stop after three minutes and froze. We had been able to watch episode two, but only the first thirty minutes of episode one; the disk wasn't badly scratched, but you can clearly see a dent in it, like someone pushed a sharp point into it. Not sure if this happened in the mail or what. I wasn't going to ask for a new disk, but I have, since we have only gotten to see half of them! Had to laugh, though: in the first fifteen minutes of the first episode Henry had sex with two different gorgeous women! James looked at me solemnly and said "It's good to be the king." LOL.

For some reason the actor playing Henry (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) reminds me of Christopher Eccleston. Sam Neill is Cardinal Wolsey and Jeremy Northam is Thomas More. :-) Nice cast there.

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