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» Sunday, August 16, 2009
BJs and Books barking...morning already?

Sadly, it was. At least it was cool enough to get to BJs with windows open. We picked up things we needed, a few things on coupons, and some boneless pork, which we badly needed (the only other pork in the house is sausage). Then to Kroger for the usual things: milk, bananas, other fruit, etc.

Once we had everything put up, we had an enjoyable afternoon. James had found out that the late Hank Reinhardt's Book of Swords was at the Borders store in Buckhead. A mystery that Dani had recommended, a novel about mystery author Josephine Tey solving a crime in 1930s England, was also there, so we took a nice ride into town via the back route, through the little community of Vinings, down the country-like tranquility of Paces Ferry, and then into Buckhead through West Paces Ferry and past our old building, The Container Store, and Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza.

We like coming to this Borders because it is the largest store and has the best selection of books, including a wonderful collection of history books. It was pretty crowded upstairs because Nancy Grace was doing a book signing. Then we came home via Chastain Park and Mount Paran Road (wow...must be an off-season, as "Mr. Inflatable" has nothing on his lawn!), and read the paper. James made home-made pizzas for supper: hamburger cut with TVP, cheddar cheese, and fresh tomatoes on nice crisp crusts and tomato sauce. Watched Merlin and other things we'd DVR'd, like Colour Confidential, Clark Howard, and Lock and Load with R. Lee Ermey.

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