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» Sunday, August 30, 2009
After the Deluge...More Deluge
We planned to mix business with pleasure today: we had a Kroger stop to make, but we thought we would use the one on Mars Hill Road, near Stilesboro, on the way to Books-A-Million. So we did, after first making our weekly trip to see how The Ditch (the underpass they are building smack through the middle of Jim Miller Park) is coming. They have repaved the original road, which looks like they are making it ready for the North Georgia State Fair in four weeks. (Yow...DragonCon next weekend, Yellow Daisy Festival the week after, Blue Ribbon Affair in three weeks...yes, four weeks, that's right.)

It was drizzling as we set out, but began raining harder as we went through Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park, and by the time we reached Dallas Highway past the Avenue at West Cobb the sky had lowered, it was as dark as twilight, and it was pouring. By the time we got to Kroger it was in Georgia Monsoon Season mode and detouring for gasoline made no difference. We made a mad dash into the store and squelched about picking up milk, bananas, and other necessary items, damp straight through.

Since we were two doors down from Petco, went in to get Schuyler more seed, a new gravel perch, and a couple of new toys. There was a cute white budgie, with little black stripes just in spots on his head and a bit of blue near his vent area, who caught our eye and who was quite curious about us. He was so adorable!

Books-A-Million was a bit of a disappointment as usual. This one doesn't seem to get all the same stock as the others. The only Country magazine they had was from March! Now's the time I really want them. I did get a new Just Cross Stitch and Stoney Creek Cross Stitch. The autumn issue of Blue Ridge Country is totally blah; no good fall pictures at all. Also found the first part of Jean Little's biography for a dollar.

I miss the Joe Muggs coffee/newstand in Buckhead...they always had everything!

Made a brief stop at Michaels, then went to Borders at Town Center to pick up the book James wanted, and I found the newest Beatrix Potter mystery in paperback. Alas, the cash registers had crashed and they could only take cash or a check. James had cash, but it was his cash for the week and he would have had to stop at his bank again. I'd spent all mine. So we just left everything behind and brought the milk home. We didn't want to leave it too much longer in the insulated bag, as the sun was struggling to come out.

Of course by the time we got home it started to rain again.

I am beginning to have trouble with my cell phone. I swear they make these things deliberately to last only a couple of years. Every time I charge it up, it loses the picture of Schuyler I have set as wallpaper. I had to take the photos off it anyway—I was astonished to see that I still had the photos of last October's Mistletoe Market on it!—so I reseated the battery when I put the MicroSD card back in after removing the pics, and then reset Schuyler's pic (on the card) as wallpaper. The moment I plugged it in, the picture changed again and now it's not recognizing the MicroSD card at all. Bother.

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