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» Friday, August 28, 2009
After the Deluge...
How it rained! It rumbled last evening and rained all night and poured all morning. At a couple of points during the commute I had to slow down to forty miles per hour because the freeway ahead of me was a blob of still black sky, rain, red brake lights, headlight glow, and those odd stridently bright LED billboards. It was still as dark as twilight at 10 a.m. and still drizzling when I went out for lunch, but it had ceased by the time lunch was over.

When I got to work, I figured if it was going to be cloudy all day I would park near the Yale Building (across the parking lot entrance from my own building). I usually park in the corner if it's not raining; I avoid it when it does rain because the water near the sidewalk is about ankle deep. A full-size pickup truck was already parked there and it was almost awash—the water was up to the center of its front hubcaps!

ICE seemed to be a little less crawly today...I got four orders done! Also discussed a big conference order with the end users, talked to my team lead about an order that has been bothering me, and set up all the large business orders that I have ready to go. I had this sneaking suspicion that, with all the input of orders, I had ones that I had missed—not printed out and worked on at all. I am so glad I finally got to this point where I could account for all of them, because I was right: I had missed one. (I was relieved because I thought there were more.) This particular order, when I originally looked it up, said it was not located in my workspace, so I couldn't print it out. Well, it was there now, so I quickly printed it and sent it out for quotations. It's specialty software and licenses, so I'm hoping it generates little traffic.

My ride home was...absolutely gorgeous! You couldn't hope for a better day in the latter days of August: it was about 71-73, a nice cool breeze, and mostly cloudy, so I had the windows and the sunroof wide open. I leave at 3:30 when I go into work on a Friday, so traffic was fine. I stopped for gas at Costco, playing cool jazz from Watercolors as I tossed the trash and monitored the pump; later I switched to 40s on 4.

By the time I'd gotten changed and walked the dog, James was home. We had twofers at Ruby Tuesday, so went there, then went out to the Borders at East Cobb to use this week's coupons. Wow! The ride out there is much nicer on a Friday night than on a Saturday afternoon! Plus it was still cool, and everything looked washed clean. Even Lockheed's buildings looked like bright and new.

So I got the new version of Arial, plus a book about the Federal Theatre Program during the Depression, and another "Sisters Grimm" tale and a Stephen Hawking juvenile about a boy learning about the solar system that just looks darn cool. James found a Chieftains CD, and we drove home playing the alternately lively and melancholy tunes. I've always intended to get more Chieftains music; I have their Christmas album and love it.

(Drat! I forgot to check if George Winston had anything new out!)

Plus the new Yankee was out, with lots of fall foliage articles and the autumn issue of Vermont Life, which has mixed foliage with bicycling. And a Small Room Decorating, which I haven't bought in a couple of years.

Came home to watch Monk: A different kind of episode, not centered around a mystery, but about Monk's change in personality when he is asked to impersonate a hit man. The premise was far out, but it was interesting watching Monk's assertive side come out the deeper he got into the role.

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