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» Friday, July 31, 2009
Workin' for a Living
Wow. A busy week. I am not feeling quite as frustrated, but I really want to catch up! Wednesday I just went from order to order, and still didn't get them all looked at! I accomplished a lot, if you know what I mean, but I didn't get anything finished. That bothers me. Got lots of things advertised, lots of notes made, nothing completed.

Thursday and today were better. I decided for both afternoons that I would sit and finish some orders. I didn't get as many done as I wanted. Some backup material had taken some time to come in, so the quotes had expired.

One frustrating thing that did happen was that I asked for quotes on an item. It did not have to be the same brand as the item, but it had to have the same specifications. Lo and behold, at least three of the bids did not. A shorter or smaller measurement does not equal a larger or longer measurement. Do they think we will accept something substandard just because it is less expensive?

I was so tired yesterday I ended up taking a nap instead of sitting and having my lunch. I ate at my desk instead. Today I was a little better and sat eating lunch at the table, watching the bird feeder. As I had been warming up my lunch, I saw a goldfinch on the feeder pole! This time it wasn't a very yellow pine warbler, but a real goldfinch, a beautiful male, canary yellow with black trimming! I ran for my camera, but he didn't stay. I guess that's because we don't have any thistle seed. Just as I sat down and began to eat the hummingbird returned. This time I had the camera next to me, but he only stayed a minute, checking that the squirrel-proof feeder had not turned into a nectar feeder, then zipping away toward Susan's house.

Oh, I got to see the squirrel-proof feeder in action the other day: it worked as promised and he could not get to the seeds, even though he had his hind feet hooked at the top, draping himself down the feeder. He jumped to the railing, looking quite vexed. I just opened the door and let Willow chase him.

I have been for a walk two of the three days this week. I'm sorry I thought of this so late. I could have been doing it for a month. The house will be a wreck for the next six or so weeks; I do a lot during lunch.

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