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» Thursday, July 02, 2009
Whisk, Whisk, Whisk Those Orders Away
Seven done today...could have done eight but one was suspended and there was no one around to un-suspend it. ( doesn't do to knock them out fast, as I got assigned at least four more...) Plus purchase authorizations and other fun things.

Instead of stopping for lunch I took a break about 10:30 and put up the Independence Day decorations. It was a lot cooler then! Also found a place for the little fall prims I bought last weekend; two of the others ended up as decorations on the table for now.

A surprise this afternoon: they usually give us 59 minutes of comp time the day before a holiday, but our own branch chief, mindful of the fact we are already doing fourth-quarter level work in third quarter, gave us another 59 minutes. Zowee! I didn't actually take all the time, since I had to finish those authorizations, but I was able to wash the kitchen floor, vacuum the upstairs and the stairs, iron my clothes for work, and start the towels washing in that "free time," all but the stairs before James got home. He grilled some burgers, which we had plain with a salad.

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