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» Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Surprise Visitor
Oh my golly! Oh my golly! You wouldn't believe what I just saw...I was warming up my lunch and waiting for the microwave to beep and looking at the birds at the feeders and suddenly a little green hummingbird zoomed up. It flittered around both suets and tasted them, and then around the feeder, and finally landed on it, cocking his head and poking his beak at the seed..."Hey, this isn't nectar!"...flew again, pecked at the plastic sides of the feeder hopper, then buzzed away!

The birds are so funny...since we put the new feeder in the cardinals have been bullying the others away...this morning when I went out to refill one of the little brown-headed nuthatches was so hungry he dive-bombed me twice!

I still can't believe the hummingbird...he looked like the very first one I ever saw, when we were on vacation in 1976 in Williamsburg (I told my dad we had to go somewhere historic, since it was the Bicentennial, so we went to Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown) was just buzzing around the flowers in one of the lovely garden spaces they have in Colonial Williamsburg...I'd never seen one before and for a minute I thought it was some weird kind of huge green bee.