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» Sunday, July 12, 2009
Sunday Shops and Storms
We had a very lazy Sunday morning, equal parts oatmeal and computer. :-) Then excitement: a trip to BJs for Chex mix! Ooooh. Of course ended up getting several other grocery items as well as ibuprofin. Then couldn't find any double papers; came home with one.

Later, we put up the new pole and hangers to go with the squirrel-proof bird feeder we bought. More in Autumn Hollow.

We finished installing it and speaking to the neighbors via "deck to deck" communications, then James grilled a steak for dinner which we had with leftover rice. It was cloudy and getting dark—radar proved that some popup thunderstorms were coming our way—when James called me out on the deck to see the fireflies. This pleasant interlude lasted about a minute, just as a ginormous bolt of lightning struck to the south and the thunderclap followed a beat later.

Time to go in now. Heh.

Watching Merlin now...

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