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» Saturday, July 11, 2009
Saturday; Including Squirrel Wars, the Sequel
First order of the day was to get stuck, so after the ritual "airing" of the dog, we were off to Kaiser. I was the only person in the laboratory and didn't even have a chance to sit down with my book. Next, breakfast at the IHOP.

Now it was time for the fun part of the day: the Hallmark ornament premiere! We have a Hallmark shop we have been going to for a couple of years now, the one next to Publix, near MicroCenter. Lo and behold, when we arrived there, it was gone! I realized we hadn't gone by there since we were still wearing jackets, so it's had plenty of time to disappear.

Ah, well, off to Merchants Walk and Betsy's. I actually didn't buy anything for the main tree! Bought the locomotive miniature, the Snoopy and Woodstock one, and the "festive Santa," which will all go on the foyer tree. The Marjolein Bastien ornament will go with the winter garden. The Rudolph ornament will go with the Rudolph tree. And the "Ralphie" ornament will go on the library tree. James bought this year's airplane—it's a Cessna, same model as Sky King had.

On the way to the hobby shop, we stopped at the bird feeder store, in search of hot pepper suet and ended up with some new equipment for mounting the squirrel-proof bird feeder we bought. What we have isn't working very well anyway; the supports are coming loose. I've been putting up with the squirrels for too long. We have one now that not only raids the feeder if I don't put pepper into it, but is taking samples out of the suet feeder, even though I bought one with a smaller mesh. When he can't get into the metal seed container, he pees on the lid. Plus he comes up on the deck and sunbathes!!! This is our deck, not Cozumel for squirrels!

The hobby shop was our last stop, and then we were home early. I'd like to say we did some marvelous home remodeling project, but we didn't. Rick Steves and Burt Wolf were both on, so we took a trip through Paris and environs, and then to Burt's favorite hotels—Prague looks lovely, Tina! Later we discovered that RTN was running a second season Banacek episode. I've always loved this series. George Peppard was so imperturbable, and there was always Felix and his wonderful shop and Jay the chauffeur with his crazy theories. Plus many eps with Boston in the background!

We also watched an episode of Dragnet with Friday and Gannon trying to find two dogs who bit a little girl, since there is a possibility they might be rabid.

Oh, I did put the bird feeder at least out. The rest of the assembly will take James, the drill, and the three-inch deck screws. :-) It was empty for about an hour. Then we heard a strange bird call and there was a blue jay on the rail. We don't often see jays near the feeder, and it didn't really go near it. Perhaps it was checking it out. Then a chickadee appeared, and soon the male cardinal and the brown-headed nuthatches showed up.

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