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» Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Putting the Fix on It
Lo and behold, Microsoft did call James back tonight about his computer, about seven o'clock. They did several things within Windows to try to clear out the malware and did finally get the Windows update and firewall back up, but Google search was still misdirecting.

It turns out this is some virus called "Skynet," which my search says is "relatively harmless." Well, that's true, it doesn't send out spam or pop up porn, but it's a PITA if you're searching for something.

The Microsoft lady kept trying to kill this Skynet thing, but every time she got rid of it, the moment you opened the browser and tried to search, it repopulated itself. Clever little bugger, that. She finally had to load something in Windows, then had James reboot into DOS and cleaned it out that way.

And about 9:30 it finally worked. LOL...Windows, Windows, Windows, and it was DOS that cured the problem.