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» Friday, July 10, 2009
Palpation and Pages
I've just come home from the doctor by way of Food Depot and Borders. :-) Hadn't had a physical in a good long while. I'm trying a new doctor, Ledeaux. I liked Dr. Foster-Payton, but I felt like I couldn't talk to her easily. Not her fault; she was always very attentive and efficient. I had to see Dr. Ledeaux for a refill on my pills a few months ago, and she asked a bunch of questions, and let me try something new for my acid reflux (which didn't work, but at least I'm not saying to myself, "if only I could try that I might feel better"), and I just felt very open with her. It didn't hurt that she reminded me of my cousin Debbie and everyone from the Sepe side of the family.

So we chatted about a few things during the exam, like the arthritis in my neck which is really giving me more and more headaches, especially when I work. She pretty much said the only remedy is Tylenol, but is willing to refer me to a physical therapist who will show me some exercises and treatments that I can do on my own. I also addressed the panic attacks—because the one I had getting the mammogram really wigged me out, since I've been having the darn things for nearly 20 years now and they never bothered me. Had the technician not been so perceptive I could have seriously hurt myself.

My blood pressure is okay, as is my EKG; she didn't say anything after she palpated me, so I trust the only thing she found was all that nasty fat. The notification for the appointment I got didn't say anything about fasting; I was wondering if I should and then ended up having the oatmeal and yogurt anyway, so I have to go back tomorrow morning before breakfast to visit the vampires. So we'll see how that turns out.

When I got done there I wanted to do something fun, so I went by Borders. It wasn't open when I got there and I stood with my nose pressed on the glass like a kid in front of the candy display. :-) I didn't have my coupon, since Avast ate my Inbox, and James never did get a coupon (I checked again this morning). It was a good coupon, too: 25 percent off your entire purchase, not just one book. I knew the guy behind the counter—it was the fellow with the British accent—and told him the whole improbable story. If he thought I was making it up it must have amused him, because he gave me a coupon. Good thing, too, because Madelyn Alt's new "Bewitching" mystery was out (odd; they usually come out in December), and I was able to get that and the Dan Patch book, and a book about dogs.

Since it wasn't 80°F yet I took the opportunity to buy more sugar-free ice cream bars on the way home.

Ah, well, I need to go take the Independence Day decorations down before the sun gets to the front porch...

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