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» Saturday, July 18, 2009
Long Interlude
Wow. Been a bit since I had a chance to really write instead of just post links. Busy, busy, busy.

Work is really stressing me out. I hate having to hurry. I go too fast, I make mistakes. I like to be methodical on each order and I can't do that if I have to rush. I'm missing stuff when I "triage" and that bothers me. (When I get assigned the orders, I print them out and give them a look, scribble questions on the front: "Did they get a quote?" "This is sole source; where's the sole source justification?" When I actually ask these questions of the end user, or request a quote, or a new quote, my comments get dated.) Or I proceed doing an order that looks good and I realize they're listed twice in our system, with two different DUNS numbers...have to contact them to find out the DUNS, because if I put the wrong one, they won't get paid and we have to do a modification. A delay. A quote's outdated. Another delay. And other things. Sigh. I feel harassed and it makes my emotions bounce from one end to the other.

Wednesday night there was a brief respite: we went with friends to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Good version of the book—again, much left out, but all the important parts left in, including a bit of humor with Lavender and "Won-Won." :-) Jim Broadbent was enjoyable as Horace Slughorn, if he didn't quite fit my image of the character. There was one scene, in the cave, where I knew just what was going to happen—and I jumped anyway. I'm so glad the male members of the cast have gotten over the "long hair" thing—I really hated the Phelps twins and Rupert Grint and Tom Felton with long hair! And, goodness, the ending was very reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back!

But I didn't enjoy the last hour as much as I could have, because the movie theatre seat was downright uncomfortable. I remember when they went from the old seats to the reclining, cushy seats...what luxury! And now they're back to cramming everyone in the theatre like cordwood (or flying coach). My big problem is I can't really sit still for long periods anymore, and when I do sit, I have proper back support. So sitting there for three hours (movie, plus previews and the sucky commercials you pay $$ for, and they're the same idiot commercials from television) isn't exactly a happy event anymore.

I'm sure I'll enjoy it better from my sofa with the back support pillow. DVDs are wonderful things.

(I do think I want to see the new Sherlock Holmes film, if just to see Jude Law do Dr. Watson—one who is not tottery or blustery.)

Anyway—so I spent all day Wednesday and all morning Thursday doing advertisements. Thursday afternoon was problematic because I'd had popcorn at the movies. Let's say part of me wasn't happy. Time for more cheese.

Friday was the frustrating day because I would start something and not be able to finish, then start something else and not be able to finish. So my pile of completed orders is scant this week. Bother.

We did have a nice supper at Fresh2Order and a good walk around Borders. Also, I tried something different on Friday: since it's too warm to walk at lunchtime, I took my walk right after I got up. It was cloudy, so quite nice. Won't be able to do that long, though, because we will have to be pulled off teleworking for the last month of end-of-fiscal-year. I dread it...all those 40 minute minimum commutes, the warm cubicle, and those damn fluorescent lights giving me screaming headaches.

I thank God I don't have the two-hour torture like some folks at new team lead lives south of the Perimeter. On Friday it takes her two hours to get home. Aieeeee!

Today has been a splendid day, however, although I wish I could have slept later. We went to the Farmer's Market, where we received delightful news: this year it is staying open through December, so we will get late vegetables, squash, and pumpkins, perhaps some decorative things for Hallowe'en and Christmas. Also, next week they are doing a Christmas in July celebration downtown.

The biggest surprise was the weather. It was sunny and cool! Probably still in the 60s, with a breeze! The sun was still strong, and I regretted leaving my hat behind, but otherwise it was delightful. We still had salad fixings, so we only bought some ears of corn and some pumpkin spice muffins, and some freshly-made cheese spread and chicken salad.

From there we went on to Hair Day. We go from downtown Marietta to the Butlers via a lovely route, down Polk Street, all older homes, smaller than the historic ones a block away on Whitlock Avenue. We meet back up with Whitlock, then get on Villa Rica Road, which is dotted with smallholdings and homes with some acreage, so it is a delightful country road with the occasional view of horses.

Nice time at Hair Day. We had a Carvel ice cream cake (two small ones actually, "Fudgy the Whale") for Pat's birthday; chicken for lunch with sides of vegetables and baked beans. Didn't leave until after 1:30, dropped the vegetables we bought off at home, then went to the hobby shop with a side trip to Harry's for raw cashews, potatoes, celery and bananas. By the time we left, we only had about a half hour at home before it was time to go to Longhorn to celebrate Juanita's birthday. We had a great time, and then came back to hearth and home, and one very happy terrier and budgie. Watched this afternoon's Colour Confidential and then the always funny Keeping Up Appearances bookending an repeat episode of Castle. (I'm glad the latter will be back in the fall!)

The commercials during Castle are enough to give me heartburn: the newest is called Dating in the Dark...couples meet each other in—surprise!—a totally dark room! They are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, aren't they?

Anyway, the weather was wonderful all day for an Atlanta summer: we could still drive with the windows down when we left Hair Day. The only time we actually put the A/C on was on the way to Longhorn at five. At seven it was once again cool enough to go on open windows. If this would only last for the rest of the summer...especially DragonCon weekend!

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