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» Friday, July 24, 2009
Fun-filled Frontiers
Had a blast tonight, although it started off on the wrong foot: James got out of work 15 minutes late, so we really didn't leave until almost 5:30. Juanita had the idea that we could go to the Colonnade for dinner, but we wanted to stop by the box office and get tickets first. Well, here it was Friday and traffic was just creeping through midtown, so we figured we'd better find a nearby restaurant instead.

Well, when we got to the Fox, there was a parking lot right next to the theatre for only $5!, so we pulled right in! We ate supper just a block and a half down at the Quiznos. I had soup in a bread bowl, which was really good, but it's a good thing Juanita didn't order it because it has cheese in it and she is allergic.

So we got back to the Fox just after they had opened the doors. We'd talked about going up to the balcony, but when we got up there, it was nearly full! No six seats together at all—and downstairs was all but empty! So we hurried downstairs and got seats in the center three rows from the front. It was a great seat as the screen just filled your view.

The Fox is a beautiful old memory from back in the days when theatres were plush and lovely and people went to the movies in suits and dresses. It is done in a Moorish style with minaret designs and a ceiling that can look like the sky. Even the ladies' room is beautiful; it's downstairs as bathrooms used to be in the larger movie palaces and you first go into a large central carpeted area with armchairs and then a smaller, also plush antechamber before the black and white tiled bathroom that still has an old ceramic water fountain.

The program was great: the playing of the "Mighty Mo" organ (bought in 1929 when it cost the incredible amount of $42,000), then the singalong, some of those dang commercials, then a newsreel (!!! yes, it was from Castle Films and was a set of clips from different years, including Amelia Earhart's flight, the death of Thomas Edison, film of Babe Ruth from when he was with the Red Sox, and a couple more), an MGM "Barney Bear" cartoon (from the fifties, I think it said, very color-shifted), and finally Star Trek. It was a strikingly sharp copy, except in a couple of scenes with Leonard Nimoy near the end, and looked and sounded fantastic. Still love Karl Urban as McCoy best!

Best of all, when the film was over, we just walked to the right, went out the exit door, and there we were in the parking lot. Too cool!

We came home the way we had arrived, through surface streets, as part of the freeway was closed down, and immediately popped the DVR on to watch the final part of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Wow. What a roller coaster of a mini-series this has been. Enjoyable storywise, but quite heartrending, especially if you were fond of a certain character. Jack Harkness has had his heart ripped out so many times you would think he would be dead by now. I'm glad they didn't kill off Rhys first season. I like Rhys. Heck, I married his clone. :-)

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