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» Friday, July 31, 2009
Everything In Its Place
Because he worked Sunday, James was off today, but he didn't have much of a chance to relax. First he had a doctor's appointment, then he had to go to the county building to renew his pistol license. When he came home he had lunch and then went downstairs.

For the last couple of weeks he has been rearranging his built model display downstairs. He had one Ikea set of shelving for the models, and one for his strategy games, and decided you really couldn't see the things on the bottom shelves well, so he has redistributed it so that the airplanes are on the top shelves of both units, and the games are on the bottom shelves. He also bought two wider boards for the crosspieces in between (where he has put extra shelves), so he could put extra planes.

I went down there when I finished up with work for the day and he was almost done transferring the models from where they were stored temporarily, and could fold up his big gaming table and wheel it back into the hall. I had him bring the vacuum cleaner downstairs and, by shifting things, got the entire room vacuumed, some kit boxes put in a new plastic container, and boxes of kits piled in a central location so that you can walk around to both sets of shelving, and most of the floor is free, plus he's now using a set of three plastic drawers to hold the DVDs he keeps downstairs (mostly airplane flicks, of course), the John Wayne serial I bought him, and Band of Brothers.

The room will never make "House Beautiful," but I think it's sufficiently acceptable for company. (You know who you are. <g>)

We were down there about two hours and when we got upstairs that should have been the end of it. I was feeling...unwell...this afternoon and had James make me some grilled cheese tortillas for supper. When dinner was finished I went into the bathroom and started running the water in the tub, and to my surprise Willow showed up without being called! She's been "break dancing" on the rug, a sure sign she needed a bath. Usually I have to call her and she comes slinking in, whining, but, as I said, she came in on her own and only made a small show of protesting. She must really be itchy! Not only that, but she was very cooperative under the shower spray, and really enjoyed when I turned the massager on her spine!

By the time she was all clean and fluffy I was ready for a rest and something mindless. There was a special edition of Dog Whisperer called "Chihuahuas from Hell" that was very funny. Talk about little dogs with big attitude!

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