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» Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Everyday Chores and Extraordinary Finds
I always make the bed every day. I don't tuck the sheets in again, but I do plump my pillows and pull the sheet smooth and the comforter over it. To me it always feels better to climb into bed with smooth sheets rather then them being all rumpled like the dog's bed. If I go into work, making the bed may take place as late as six o'clock. Usually when I telework I let it air good and make it at lunchtime, or whenever I need a minute to think about something I need to write.

Usually James has already finished walking Willow and is changing or even starting supper when I arrive home from work. Tonight he was still getting the mail and Willow romped merrily up to my car, disappearing near the rear wheels. James had to call her to him and make her stay, and she still followed me into the garage.

So we were both changing clothes about the same time when I plumped up the pillows, then pulled the sheet and the comforter up—and James said, "What's that?" and reached for something wedged between the comforter and the crossbar of the footboard of the bed.

Of course. My glasses.

A great relief to know they did not go down the toilet. And a great relief to my nose until the new glasses come in; I have been in horrible pain all day.

And, as I told my team lead, this puts the 450 points on my credit card while I still get book coupons out of it.