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» Friday, July 24, 2009
Decompression Day
So needed! Nature called, so sleeping late was not an option. So—breakfast, a walk since it was still early enough and not blazingly hot yet, e-mail, watching the birds through the window. Then I went to WalMart—and forgot the primary thing I went there for: I needed oatmeal for work! Luckily, I don't really need the full supply (one box per two weeks) until next week, so I will just bring a packet with me on Monday and have enough for this week and then take care of the big supply next week.

I had planned to bring the groceries home and then go to JoAnn, but by the time I got out of WallyWorld it was already getting hot. Instead I got undressed and vacuumed the main floor and picked up some spots on the kitchen floor, made the bed and folded my clothes, and finally cleaned up the closet in the spare room. It was really disorderly in there since I have been buying gifts to put away and haven't put them into the boxes; they're difficult to get out. So I pulled out the boxes and put up the gifts, and corralled a dozen bows that had escaped from their bow bag, too.

Had to spray some of the sheet freshener infusion I bought at the Apple Annie craft show last year in the bedrooms when I finished vacuuming. The vacuum gets into fits, like it's gulped something it can't handle, although there were only threads and bits of leaf mould on the bedroom floor, and it starts smelling like—ugh, can't even describe it, like burnt manure. Yeeech.

Then had lunch and watched Ballet Shoes, which I've had for a week, but has been pre-empted by Torchwood. They showed this at Christmas on GPTV, but of course it was badly framed as always and much of the wonderful setting was missing. The British do such great period dramas, and this was just suffused with the 1930s, especially the wonderful jazz soundtrack, and people smoked (I nearly fell over laughing when people criticized the smoking! But, heavens, that's how it was, even in the 1960s—smoke everywhere!). I understand they changed the book some, but I haven't read it and I did enjoy the adaptation. I hadn't seen Miss Potter at that time and when the little girl who played Posy began to speak this time, I wondered why she sounded so familiar, and then I checked IMDb; of course it was the little girl who played Beatrix as a child. The girl who played Petrova looked equally familiar this time and I realized it was the same girl from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Anyway, I need to get myself moving again, as I need to get dressed and walk Willow. Juanita is coming by at five to pick us up when James gets home and we are going downtown to the Fox Theatre to see Star Trek.

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