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» Sunday, July 26, 2009
Day of Rest
Well, not much. I did sleep until nine, but after that it was nonstop. I stripped the bed, then grabbed a breakfast bar, stuffed the sheets in the washer, and went to Costco for juice, omeprazole, and Nature Valley granola bars. I also found something for James, and found my interest piqued by a novel of prehistoric fantasy about wolves.

Did stop for a few minutes to look at a new "Images of America" book about Buckhead. Fascinating stuff. I didn't realize the "old yellow-tile building" that I used to work in was so new: there was a photo of the East Paces Ferry/Roswell Road/Peachtree Road intersection in the 1960s and the building wasn't there yet. Another marvelous photo was an aerial view of the intersection of Peachtree Road and Piedmont Road, a pleasant place in 1960 of big old homes and tree-dotted yards, now a clotted intersection with hotels and businesses.

Next, gasoline, and then a stop at Publix for a newspaper and a few other items.

Put all up when I got home, put the sheets in the dryer and then gathered clothing for the next load. I had a "World War II" lunch: a pimento cheese spread sandwich (really—if you read WWII cookbooks, apparently this was a popular low-ration point ingredient for sandwiches for those folks who worked shifts at the war plants; we bought some home-made pimento cheese spread last weekend at the Farmer's Market), with a cherry chaser. While the clothes were washing I gave the shower a really good cleaning out—it took a half hour. I worked with Soft Scrub and also cleaned out the drain with baking soda and white vinegar. It was probably a bad time to do it, for now my elbows and forearms are screaming in pain.

From 2 to a little after five I sat and worked on purchase orders. I'd like to say it went swimmingly well, but I only actually finished three. I didn't know the correct DUNS for one, and didn't have proper info on the others. I did finally find an order my branch chief asked me about on Friday. It's a bugger sorting through over seventy paperclipped packets of paper! :-)

By the time James arrived home I had dried the clothing and had started washing the towels, and was cooking turkey thighs for supper. We had the turkey with mushroom-flavor rice and watched Monday's Animal Cops Phoenix and the latest History Detectives, and then he helped me put the fresh sheets on the bed (our mattress is so big and heavy I can't lift it on my own). We finished this just in time for Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead.

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