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» Monday, June 08, 2009
Will Miracles Never Cease
I walked into work this morning, dreading every step, as I'd woken up once every 90 minutes last night and was prepared to face the blast of hot air that came from the building being shut down over the weekend.

Surprisingly, it was only 78°F when I got here, and I could feel cool air coming from the vents (well, not the one in my cubie, but around me, at least!). So either someone left the A/C going all weekend or they've finally fixed something.

I suppose next Monday will show that.

The left side of my jaw is still painful. Yesterday, after we had eaten breakfast and gone to Kroger, we were planning to go to the movies—finally—but that wasn't for another hour or so. So I washed some towels, made the bed, read e-mail, the usual lazy Sunday stuff. Finally my stomach growled a bit, so I made a peanut butter sandwich with some of the French bread we'd bought Saturday.

Well, French bread is always chewier the day after, so I had to put an effort into chewing each bite. About halfway through the sandwich I bit down, and it was if my jaw dislocated. I saw several stars and I think a comet. My teeth are fine, nothing's swollen or misshapen, but now the joint of my jaw hurts and it's hard to chew, and I can't grit my teeth without it hurting like a muscle cramp on the left side. I took some ibuprofin but it barely cut the throbbing.

Anyway, we went to see Star Trek finally, and I'm not sure what to say. On a whole I enjoyed it, although the relentless pacing of the film is wearying. The pace is necessary lest you ask questions like "Where did the big canyon in the middle of Iowa come from?" or "Who on earth did Mrs. Kirk remarry that has little Jimmy so f***ed up?" or "Okay, so they made Scotty into a humorous character, but WTF was that thing with the water tubes all about?" (it was filmed at a Budweiser factory, actually) or "What's with these damn catwalks in spaceships with no safety rails?" Let's not even touch some of the science or the weirdly insane villain. There were nice touches—loved the reference to Admiral Archer's beagle—and most of the casting was good, although Winona Ryder was wasted mostly wandering around looking wide-eyed. My favorite character was always Dr. McCoy and Karl Urban had him spot-on; even if I had enjoyed nothing else his McCoy would have done it for me. Nice to see Leonard Nimoy again—goodness, he's sounding so old. And as usual in an action flick these days—wonder what Gene Roddenberry would have thought of that aspect—lots of explosions, etc. Enterprise looked good and Spock had an interesting vessel (the "eggbeater ship" we called it).

At one point on Vulcan I was looking at the landscape and thought it looked familiar: darn, doesn't that look like Vasquez Rocks? (For the non-Lassie-philes out there, the later Timmy episodes filmed repeatedly at a California geological landmark called Vasquez Rocks. They had been pushed diagonally by uplift and the layered rocks were very distinctive. The Martins lost sheep, goats, and even falcons—and Timmy—up there with unnerving frequency.) So when I got home I was paging through the trivia, goofs, etc. featured on the IMDb...and damn, if it wasn't Vasquez of which were run through the computer and duplicated to form part of Vulcan's landscape. Well, now we know Lassie could have found Young Spock! LOL.

Oh, yeah, and that link between Star Trek and Doctor Who: Scotty picks up a little alien in his travels, who is played by Deep Roy, who did guest star roles on Doctor Who, including most famously the "Peking Homonculous" in the episode "Talons of Weng-Chiang" (the episode in which the Doctor dresses as Sherlock Holmes, and Holmes is quoted in Star Trek...well, everything is connected to one another, isn't it?--LOL).

Had chicken strips in salad last night and watched Waking the Dead, this one about the death of two sexually abused boys at a facility that was supposed to help them. Some of these episodes are particularly creepy, and this certainly was one of them.

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