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» Wednesday, June 17, 2009
What The Heck?
I took a break to read the comics this morning, and when I got to I got a popup saying that AVG had found a possible Trojan horse. I told it to kill the file.

Everything went haywire. Now AVG says it can't update because the control file is missing. Firefox barely works. Some pages come up blank and I have to reload and reload them before simple text versions of the page come up and then the correct page. If I can get into Google AVG is no longer scanning my files; same with Eudora incoming e-mail. I couldn't get into my work files for a few minutes. If I try to get into web pages besides my work page it tells me Internet Explorer can't find the page. I can barely get in to AVG and the file download page comes in nowhere else, not on James' computer and not on the laptop. Luckily James still has the .exe file on his computer, so I can reload AVG later.

I guess I will have to reload Firefox as well. Don't know what to do about IE; maybe it will work properly once I load AVG. (Maybe Firefox will, too.)