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» Thursday, June 25, 2009
We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Program
Goodness, I didn't realize I'd been "off the air" for so long. I've been immersed in purchase orders. I did eight yesterday and two more today, and would have done more, but one I thought I could do turned out to be competitive. Had to send several out for quotes and there's one I need to advertise. I've spent a lot of time counseling one person about further orders needed.

I didn't even read any blogs or my mailing list yesterday...just kept going.

We spent last evening watching Casino Royale. Daniel Craig, yum! although the violence at a couple of points made me quite squeamish (I think anyone who's seen the movie knows the scene).

Oh, and the cow special Tuesday night was kinda fun! It was on GPB, about show cows (like show dogs). The different farmers were talking about their own preferred breeds and about how everyone thinks of cows as big dumb creatures, but how each cow had its own quirks—one was afraid of flags. One woman was scratching a bull under his chin and he was just standing there with his eyes closed, enjoying it so much.

Shocking news tonight, though, while we were already digesting the news of Farrah Fawcett's death...that was one gutsy lady. It's a shame she had to suffer like that. Wow about Michael Jackson, though. Not much of a Michael Jackson fan—I much preferred the Weird Al parodies of his songs—but it's a shame he died so young and very sad news for his family.

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