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» Thursday, June 18, 2009
The Trojan War - Peace Declared (We Hope)
So the first thing I did this morning was run AVG again. This time it didn't find anything except those dang tribalfusion tracking cookies.

BTW, listen to Elaine (comment in last post). Don't go to websites if you suspect there's malware on your computer. The trouble is, I didn't know when I first went to my bank site. And when I went the second time I just thought something was wrong with Firefox, since I told AVG to zap the virus when it warned me of it. Every once in a while Firefox will shut me out of websites, or say I'm not connected to the internet (I think my computer gets in a snit with the network; usually I reboot and it works again).

One thing I did do, however, that I won't do again is that when AVG warned me of this trojan threat, I clicked on AVG's link for more information. The link opened a tab and never did come up.

Something else interesting that I noticed this trojan did is that when I clicked on My E-Bay, which is just a summary page of what you have bought and what you are bidding on, instead of giving me the page, it asked me to download a file called "ebay(something).dll. You can bet I clicked "no" on that in a hurry. Once AVG quarantined and killed the Trojan files, I was able to get back in this page again without it asking me to load anything.