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» Monday, June 01, 2009
Stuppy and Niffly
My "node" is all clogged. How annoying. I can't tell if it's my allergy or I've caught a cold from somewhere. This is made more annoying because I have a pimple forming inside my nostril. It hurts like the dickens when I try to blow my nose and hurt so much last night it woke me in the middle of the night.

God knows if I need warmth I'm in the right place, although the temperature in my cubicle has finally gone down to a chilly 80°F (well, that's chilly for this place). A former co-worker who has returned to work in another branch stopped by my desk this morning to say she sees they still haven't fixed the heat problem in the building (she's been gone for over a year, but came back temporarily last summer to help with end-of-fiscal-year).

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