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» Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Sit! Stay!
I am so restless today; it's all I can do to stay in my seat. At the same time my eyes hurt and I'm sleepy. So my head wants to go back to bed and my feet are all for spinning the chair around. Talk about conflicts of interest!

I can't tell you how odd it is for us to be getting up together. I think the last time we did so was over twenty years ago, when we were both working at Robins AFB! James has always had a later schedule than me since we were married. The worst was when he was doing support for Packard-Bell and worked two to eleven. I would come home, eat supper, watch Jeopardy, then crawl upstairs and try to sleep for a couple of hours so we could have some time together during the week. In hindsight I should have skipped supper and crawled into bed when I got home, because that's when I'm actually sleepy. My eyes hurt from the computer screen, the fluorescent lights, and the sun by the time I get home. When I worked at Trifari I used to wear sunglasses during the day to protect them from the lights, but I can't make out things on the computer screen with sunglasses on.

Last night we were done with supper by six thirty. Wicked bizarre, I'll tell you.

Schuyler met me with that same shell-shocked look this morning. She looks like an anime version of a budgie when she does that.