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» Sunday, June 21, 2009
Simmering on Sunday
Today's weather verse, same as the first. 90s, with a saving grace of a brisk breeze, which at least keeps the air moving, even if it isn't any cooler.

We drove south to the Tanger Outlets today, just for something to do, and I wanted another pack of underwear. We stopped at the flea market at Exit 221 on the way down, but it was so warm in there (it's really just a big metal shed with air conditioning vents which don't work very well)! You used to be able to get tools and purses and all sorts of nice things here, but it's mostly junk now.

We usually walk through the antiques mall section, where I have found some cool things including Five Little Peppers books, but I was getting so sick from the heat I just suggested we leave. We went across the road to Books-a-Million, mostly just to cool off and use the restrooms. Sometimes I can find treasures in the remainder piles, but not today.

So we went down to Tanger. (I'd toyed with having a small lunch at Red Lobster near Books-a-Million, but because of Father's Day it was overflowing.) So we had lunch at the Dennys Diner—the chicken soup wasn't bad, and neither was the grilled cheese sandwich, then just went into the Leggs outlet for underwear and into Harry and David, which even at an outlet mall is overpriced. Otherwise this outlet mall is just about dead useless anymore. Other than Harry and David, the Corning store, the Kirkland store, a pet food store, the Mikasa store, a cookie place, and the "as seen on TV 'museum,'" everything else is clothes or shoes. The music store is gone, the toy store, the book store, and Kitchen Collection, too. Yawn. Just a bunch of discount stores for stuff that was overpriced in the first place.

Stopped at Borders on the way home. We'd seen William Shatner on Conan's show, so for a laugh I picked up Shatner's new autobiography. James got a new David Drake book. I decided to pass on Sunnyside. I can reserve it at the library.

We watched this morning's Clark Howard Show when we got home, then I washed a load of towels while James grilled boneless pork ribs for supper along with corn on the cob. Now we're watching Merlin, which appears to be The O.C./Beverly Hills 90210 crossed with Arthurian legend. It is necessary to suspend disbelief a lot watching this. :-) Otherwise it's..."cute." Eve Myles from Torchwood is playing a baddie, Anthony Head is King Uther, and the future King Arthur is a braggart and a bully.

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