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» Saturday, June 13, 2009
Shopping and Shelves
No sleep for the weary...or for the Farmer's Market attendees. However, it was still coolish and I wore my floppy hat, so it was nice. Not much to buy today as we still had things from last week. The flower seller had the most beautiful long-stemmed flowers for bouquets: big sunflower type flowers, the most lovely gladioli, and other brightly-colored flowers. Almost made me sorry I was allergic...but I wouldn't spend money on cut flowers anyway.

James had forgotten to add tea to the grocery list, so we ended up going back to BJs. Picked up the rice, too, and some canned chili. Then we stopped at Kroger for my bread, bananas, and other odd things. We got some chicken thighs on sale, which I will cook for supper tomorrow night since James has to work. This Kroger has completely remodeled and everything is scattered from where it used to be. There are big signs at the ends of the aisles now saying what is there, and people stand in the middle of the aisle looking bewildered.

Once all this was trucked home and mostly put up, we took James' one shirt to the cleaner and then stopped at the hobby shop. I mostly sat working on a story in the meeting room.

Then we went to Lowes. James and I have been talking about adding more shelves to the "pantry closet" downstairs. So we went to Lowes and bought some 4 inch pine boards that we had cut into two-foot lengths, plus some L brackets, some for the center with braces in them, and the rest just plain (the brass-plated ones were cheaper, so we got those). It took us a couple of hours, but we got four put up and they are nicely stocked with cans of veggies and soup. James also put one up in the laundry room, which has Lysol and other non-food things in it. Now the wire racks on the door have much lighter boxes, with pasta and soup mixes. There's still canned stuff on the old DVD tower, and also boxes of peas, beans, and corn on the floor.

We still have three boards left and there is room for at least another in the closet.

By this time we were both ravenous, having had small breakfasts and small burgers for lunch, so I called Dragon and we went to pick up Chinese food (yes, without peas and carrots...sorry, running gag...) and that was our supper, while we looked fruitlessly through the television for the news and found only baseball.

James had only minimal time to relax at the computer and then go downstairs for a bit of modeling before he had to come upstairs to get ready for bed. I watched the Colour Confidental recorded from this afternoon and sat Schuyler next to me so she wouldn't be lonesome. Also reading Linda Lear's Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature and enjoying it very much.

Anyway, have some "exciting" news: James starts a new shift Monday. After all these years he has finally gotten them to change it from 9:30 to 6:30 to 7:30 to 4:30. Wow. On Monday and Tuesday he will actually get home before me. And we should be able to eat before six o'clock. My stomach won't know what to do with good food that early.

We were discussing vacation today, too (that is, if things don't get so bad that he gets laid of the reasons we're stocking extra groceries). He should have more days coming in the fall. I was thinking I would finally love to see Philadelphia. Of all the historical sites I have seen, I have never been to Independence Hall. James says the USS New Jersey is berthed across the river in Camden, NJ, and the USS Olympia is nearby. I didn't recognize the name of the latter ship until he reminded me by quoting "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley." It's Admiral Dewey's ship. Cool, I'd love to see that. I'd love to see Reading Market, too; have read about it and also seen it on one of the Rick Sebak specials. Perhaps Emma would be able to come into Philly and visit with us one day, too.

I'd also like to stop a couple of days in Lancaster/Penn Dutch country to show James Roadside America and see the National Christmas Museum.

Well, we'll see. Right now we just have to adjust to a whole new sleep schedule...

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