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» Saturday, June 20, 2009
Saturday Shopping (Again)
James was up bright and early to go to the hobby show at the Cobb County Civic Center. It's his club that's throwing the show, so he was involved in setup.

I stayed in to get better acquainted with my feather pillow. :-)

After some oatmeal and an e-mail check, I did the unwanted task of going to WallyWorld. Why? Well, because I was out of oatmeal both at home and at work. Why Walmart? Well, oatmeal is $2.88 there. It's $3.89 everywhere else. I've got good places to put that $4.04...not to mention the 54¢ I saved on yogurt and the cash I saved on the other things I needed to buy.

Meanwhile the temperature rose even in the short time I was in the store. The only relief is that there is a breeze. Otherwise it's heading up to a fry meter score of the high 90s.

From Walmart I went to Costco by way of Borders (since I wanted to have a little fun this afternoon). I wandered about and was intrigued by a new novel called Sunnyside, about Hollywood during the World War I era. Charlie Chaplin is involved, and also a young man who later goes by the name of Lee Duncan and who goes off to war only to rescue a German Shepherd puppy, one who later becomes famous as Rin Tin Tin. It looked like it had some great period color.

But I couldn't decide, and Franklin and Lucy was out in paperback, so I got that instead.

Came home by Costco, where I bought milk, more omeprazole because they had it for the cheapest price I have seen, and more of the bath soap. I'm really happy with this bath soap. Thirteen bars (I'm using one for my face) have lasted over five months with us both showering every night, and the French-milling is wonderful; it doesn't leave glops of soap everywhere. It's totally vegetable based, too.

Came home to have a little lunch and vacuum, then sat down to cool off and watch more Remember WENN. I put the first four episodes on the other night and of course have become lassoed in by the characters all over again. It's a pity we never got that fifth season, even the truncated season five that AMC originally wanted before the "new regime" pulled the plug.

What a dismal disappointment. I haven't watched AMC since, nor do I intend to.

Incidentally if you are interested in viewing episodes, try here (click "more from user" on the right for the rest; these are small, but viewable at original or double size) or downloading episodes here.

(Arrrgh! It's 94.6 on the the shade!)

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