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» Thursday, June 04, 2009
A Rainy Thursday
Slept soundly for the first night in awhile, to the point where James has to say "Are you getting up this morning?" Well, yes, since the modification I have been waiting to do for months had finally arrived.

Sigh...and then I couldn't do it because the funding wasn't approved (despite my getting an e-mail some weeks ago saying it was).

About eleven thirty someone rang the doorbell. I don't answer the door when I'm alone, but peeked out the window and saw it was the UPS truck. It turned out to be my other book from Amazon Vine, which is a World War I novel. Looks interesting, although other reviews say they thought the language was too modern.

During lunch I made a quick trip to Costco to pick up the chicken sausage for Saturday (it's our turn to do the lunch centerpiece at Hair Day). On the way I stopped by Borders with my discount coupon, Borders Bucks, and rewards coupon and bought the Rebecca set.

Sigh...why is it people with fish symbols on their cars seldom bother to use turn signals?

By the time I got home it was raining in earnest after having spit and pattered all day. I even heard thunder once. In slight interstices of drizzle the birds gathered at the feeder. One titmouse fled when I came near the window, but the chickadee just pecked on as if to say "Big deal, it's only a human."

Once I finished work for the day I went out to fetch the mail and there was my WPA guide to Rhode Island. It's ex-library and pretty well-worn, but readable, and I was amused when it opened itself up to a section about natural resources and coal mining in Rhode Island, because some people look at me funny when I say I recall the coal tipple that used to be near Sockanosset Road, on land that is now part of Garden City Shopping Center: they talked about it, as well as mining coal on Laurel Hill Avenue near Cranston Street, as it explains the steepness of the hill!

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