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» Monday, June 01, 2009
Okay, I Have to Admit...
I've never been a Conan O'Brien fan. I found his humor was pretty appropriate for 12:30, when it's late and you're a little punch-drunk anyway. Not sure it will work for 11:30, but then times have changed.

However, I have to admit his opening tonight was hilarious: opened with the NBC peacock and a radio report of Conan's show, while we see him brushing his teeth and consulting a list of prep for the new show, which included "Build new set" and "Write jokes"—and ending with "Move to L.A." Conan looks out the window to see the Chrysler building...he's still in New York. He runs outside, hails a cab, is ignored (it is New York after all), and begins to run. He "runs" cross country, across the George Washington Bridge, through Amish country, to Chicago where he runs across the infield at a Cubs game, through the midwest, the Rockies, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, and finally into L.A. and to the studio—where he realizes he left his keys back in New York. So he uses a skip loader to "break into" the studio. Pretty funny!

Five minutes later he was using a Leno joke. LOL.