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» Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Long Day
Gah. Woke up with a headache, went back to bed for an hour with ibuprofin, hustled off to work, printed this and that, made calls, received calls. Felt sleepy and my eyes hurt all day. The nap at lunch helped a bit.

I took a different medicine last night, than I usually take, for a yeast infection. I'm wondering if it bothered me. An allergic reaction, perhaps?

Can't move without hearing about the digital television countdown now. I don't get it. It's not rocket science. If you have put a VCR or a DVD player on your TV, you can put on the converter box. Is anyone even listening to the news reports? There was an amazing story on the news tonight about a recycling center simply brimming with televisions, and the reason they are getting them is that people think they won't work anymore! (LOL...unless there's a bunch of guys getting new televisions to watch sports by buffaloing their wife into thinking their television won't work after Friday.) Or maybe it's just an excuse to get a new television?

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