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» Monday, June 22, 2009
I Can See This Day is Shaping Up to Be Ducky...
When I got in it was already hotter inside than it was outside.

The computer was down for over 90 minutes.

By the time I got booted up again it was time for me to go to a meeting.

I've since been informed that I have to do a mod because one vendor needs something on their order that no other vendor needs.

And I have an order that's supposed to be awarded by July 6 which needs at least three weeks' worth of advertising. Unless I can travel in time, I'm not sure how that one's supposed to even work out.

Oh, yeah, and I got assigned at least eight more orders on Saturday.

Vent over. We now return you to our regularly scheduled program... :-)

[3 minutes later -- arrgh! The database just crashed AGAIN...and it won't allow me to exit the program!]

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