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» Friday, June 19, 2009
Hot, Hot, Hot
I was doing pretty well today working—got lots of things done or advertised, except for one last order. The person had sent me some paperwork I needed for one last order, but when I started doing it, I realized they had sent me the wrong paperwork. Ooops. Well, so much for that.

I had to take something out to the mailbox around noon and it was already hot; it was up to 80°F by ten o'clock. By the time I took Willow out, a little after four, the air was hot, still, and breathless. An hour after that, when James came home and we went out to dinner, you probably could have cooked something on the front porch.

We had twofers at Ruby Tuesday, so went there, then went up to Town Center. We got 40 percent off coupons for Borders today. James got the next book in the "Destroyermen" series and Schuyler and Willow (via Mom, of course) bought him the third book in the series for Father's Day.

We made a brief stop at the house for coupons for BJs, and then went there. We needed toothpaste and had a coupon, and James got some Jamaican meat patties, along with the granola bars and canned mushrooms we needed, and some boneless pork ribs to cook in the crock pot. I got more multivitamins, too.

Coming out of BJs was the worst. Ever walk into a bathroom after someone has taken a hot, steamy shower? That's what it was like, without the mist, with a very strong scent of decaying vegetation. Yuck.

We went home a bit out of our way to get a twofer cone of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. I discovered one thing I do like about summer—fireflies! The weather is just perfect for them. All along the road from BJs to Baskin-Robbins, and then along the road home, especially in grassy areas next to the trees, the ground was filled with quick bright flashes. It was a "firefly frenzy" for sure, and not at JoAnn! (LOL) There were even fireflies winking about our front lawn when we got home.

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