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» Friday, June 12, 2009
Endless Errands
Started out at Publix this morning to see if they had twofer luck. Did get Wheat Thins, K cereal, juice for James, elbow macaroni...and cherries and ricotta were on sale. I have been trying to eat a little ricotta every day to help with my digestion problems.

Since there was no oatmeal on twofer, I went to Walmart. The oatmeal at Publix and Kroger are both almost $4 a box and only $2.19 at WallyWorld. Needed other stuff there, so it made sense to go. Except they had no low-sugar oatmeals at all, in any flavor. Gah. Was able to grab some diabetic socks for James and my yogurt. Damn. Now I have to pay $3.89 or go to another Walmart.

Next went to BJs. Wow, they have great prices on DVD season sets...but would I really watch all this stuff? They have all the seasons of McHale's Navy.

Bought gas, stopped at the Austell Borders to see what "transformation" they wrought since last weekend when they said they'd be remodeling. Yep, the movie and music sections are gone. I feel a bit bad, as I have bought a few movies and some music at Borders, but their selections were getting smaller and their prices higher. I'll miss the Christmas CDs! (Unless they just stock some at Christmas.)

On the other hand, the store now looks more like the original Atlanta Borders that used to be at the Tuxedo shopping center on Roswell Road. They had books, remainder books (reeeeeaaaallly good bargain books, too), and unique greeting cards and some novelty candies. I preferred their old coffee shop, instead of Seattle Coffee (it's not Starbucks; Starbucks is in Barnes & Noble), but Seattle Coffee's Cocoa Trio is delicious.

Mr. Monk is Miserable is out in paperback—yay! There's also a Sherlock Holmes book I'd like to get.

Like Scarlett O'Hara, I decided to think about the oatmeal tomorrow. I still have some. And drat, I forgot to buy rice at BJs.

Had an "entertaining" afternoon doing the toilets and cleaning out my sink in the bathroom, as it's clogged up again. I think it is from the soap I use for my face. At one time we had lots of coupons and bought lots of Jergens soap, which is very soft. I'm going to try using one of the regular bath bars, which still has moisturizers in it, instead, and see if that helps.

Then wrote another note to Dish Network. This time I took photos of the television screen. They are mis-framing the HD programming on both the Atlanta PBS stations. (All the other local stations' HD programming comes in in the proper proportion.) The last time I contacted them about this, they had one of their dweeby little technicians answer that I probably wasn't using the "format" button on my remote properly. (The format button stretches and zooms the picture.) Oh, please. If I watch it broadcast, it's widescreen. If I watch it on Dish, it's fullscreen with each side (and sometimes words and logos) chopped off. I know how to work the remote. Duh. You must be confusing me with someone who can't figure out how to install his converter box.

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