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» Friday, June 26, 2009
A Day of Extremes
I have mentioned here, briefly, that due to the acid reflux, I ocassionally have certain "bathroom issues." (Anything more than that is TMI.) Well, in the last two weeks I had finally gotten some control over the situation. Almost every day I have a few crackers with ricotta. The cheese has helped. Occasionally I will have a grilled cheese sandwich.

Well, after a grilled cheese sandwich on Sunday, because James is home early now, I forgot the cheese and crackers for the rest of the week. Bad idea. I had several things I wanted to accomplish today, but only managed to clean the bathrooms and work briefly on a project. Aggravating.

But I did get the project finished.

It has to do where we ate supper tonight: at Shoney's.

Well, actually we had a burger at Wendy's before we left.

I'm not sure if there are any Shoney's left in Atlanta. The one we ate at was in Sevierville.

Yep, Tennessee. I had the car half-packed when James got home from work and we tossed the rest in, placed Schuyler in place, and seat-belted Willow in and left about 5:30. Due to rush hour we went surface roads, Macland to Mars Hill to US 41 and then east to I-75 when we reached Lake Allatoona. Mapquest placed us on a nice country road to get us around Chattanooga, and we arrived at the motel about 9:45.

Willow was so good this time. We stopped right before we got back to I-75 to "offload a little water" and she usually cries and whines when James leaves the car and she just sat and panted (it was still pretty warm although we had a spattering of rain for a second; probably still in the low 90s at 7:30. Schuyler has never ridden in the car in the dark before, but she was fine as nine o'clock went on. She even went up in her swing.

We listened to about an hour of Radio Classics and then put on one of the "Big Finish" CDs I bought at Timegate, the first of the UNIT stories, "Time Heals." We really enjoyed it, and it was so nice hearing Nicholas Courtney again!

Wil is sacked out in her crate right now and Schuyler is preening herself, and we are watching Secret America on the Discovery Channel. I brought a tray for her cage to sit on, so she is right where she can see her beloved "teevee." After we got into the room we left them briefly to get a bite to eat and that's when we went to the Shoney's. They have a nighttime breakfast bar, so I had a little potato soup, three French toast sticks, some orange slices, and one slice of bacon.

Really need to take a shower and get to bed; we want to walk around Gatlinburg early tomorrow before it gets hot. Tomorrow is really all we get, although the lady at the desk says we probably can get a late checkout on Sunday if we ask.

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