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» Tuesday, June 16, 2009
All Things Great and Small
Continued restless this afternoon. For some reason I was in a funk. If anyone tells you you don't have mood swings after menopause, don't believe them! I might as well have had "my friend" today.

On the way home I saw something cool, though. I forgot to check the traffic map, so took a gamble on going south on I-85 and then turning north at I-75 at Brookwood. Once I had done so, I had just passed Northside Drive and was between Northside and Howell Mill Road when I looked up to my right, up the retaining wall, where there was a grass verge and some trees and bushes, and there browsing on one of the young trees was a doe! I didn't know deer came so far intown.

Five minutes later I was sniffling over Perry Como singing "And I Love You So" (one of my mom's favorites) on "Escape," and by the time I was closer to home "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" was playing and I was remembering the day in Boston that the bunch of us—Mary B, Mary Fall, Deb Walsh, Gail and I (the years are getting to me; can't remember if Terri was there or not)—went to see Somewhere in Time. Gail fell in love with the music, and we went to Strawberries on Washington Street to see if there was a soundtrack album. One hadn't been released, but she did find a classical record—or maybe it was a tape—with "Rhapsody" on it.

James made what I call "pork glop" for supper tonight; it's actually delicious. You take ground pork, mix it up with an equal amount of TVP, add some minced onion and chunky peanut butter. He also put a little bit of curry powder in it. We had it with low-carb whole wheat tortillas and more of the salad from last night.

We finished watching the first disc of Danger Man tonight. This was the original series Patrick McGoohan did that later became Secret Agent. The last episode on the disc featured a pre-Doctor Who Patrick Troughton, which amused us.

The penultimate episode featured Donald Pleasence as a mousy civil servant, which gave me an idea: I put on Fantastic Voyage. I don't have the new version; I ought to get it...there's commentary and a documentary. I saw this movie for the first time on the last day of school in...1969, I think. It was junior high, anyway. We used to see a movie in the auditorium on the last day of school and on the last day of school before Christmas vacation. We saw Fantastic Voyage, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hello Down There—and the one we didn't like, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. (Musicals were lost on kids our age. When Howard Keel started singing "Bless your beautiful hide..." everyone broke out laughing. We joked about that line for weeks afterwards.)

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