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» Saturday, May 23, 2009
Timegate, Day 2, Part 4
We went to two of the guest panels earlier. The first was Terrance Dicks, who has written Doctor Who scripts and novelizations based on those scripts (and others' scripts), been script editor, and written original novels based on the series. I saw Dicks for the first time back in 1980, when he was a guest at Noreascon II (the Worldcon) in Boston. He is older but no less pleasant, and it was an entertaining hour, including his talk about his friendship with fellow Who producer Barry Letts, the Target novels, etc.

Once the panel was over, we had supper at the hotel restaurant. The food was okay—I had spaghetti, which was as I expected in an American restaurant, sweet and overcooked, but I figured—but it took forever to check out because their credit card machine was still broken from yesterday. They had to run it the old way with the machine. I gave James my leftovers and asked him to save me a seat and take the leftover box, since my hands were full, but he only heard the last and went to put it in the truck.

So I sat in the back for part of the Mary Tamm panel, then moved up to the front. Mary chattered about all sorts of things besides her part as the original Romana on Doctor Who: especially her grandchild, who is now four and half and loves the series, and her favorite play she has worked in (Private Lives), her favorite dresses that she wore as Romana, favorite women directors, her favorite medium (stage), if she would come back to the series, the BigFinish productions, her friendship with Lalla Ward (whom she recommended for the role), the book she is writing, etc.

Now we are sitting around the lobby chatting with Mel and Phyllis, Jake and Nancy, and Sue.

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