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» Sunday, May 10, 2009
Sun and Shadow
It was sunny but cool when we set upon our errands this morning after having a good sleep in after a late night (stayed up watching the enhanced version of "The Doomsday Machine"), so we could ride with the windows down. We went down Smyrna-Powder Springs Road, which we found out will be closed starting next week for the rest of the summer. We think they're going to fix the little bridge that goes over the creek down there, as bridge repairs seem to be rampant lately.

We went to BJs for Chex mix and some hydrogen peroxide, walked about, and tasted some samples. We weren't in very long, and when we came outside, the sky was completely overcast and the wind was freshening. We stopped at Publix to check out the twofers—some good ones: canned veggies, juice—and then went on to Kroger for James' prescriptions and the usual yogurt (I had a coupon). Duh...I'd forgotten the oatmeal at Publix, so we crossed Macland Road and went back to pick that up. I wouldn't have cared, but I am completely out at work.

We left the house late, so by the time we got home it was three o'clock. I cleaned out the shower stall and washed the towels. I also swapped out my shoes. I always wear the same shoes, black leather Reeboks that look a little like Oxfords, and the pairs I was wearing over the weekend were my work shoes until I bought new pairs back in July of 2006. They were pretty work out; the right side of the heels worn down, and the tread on part of the foot worn down, and the bottom of the sole beginning to come detached. The pairs I am wearing to work are still fairly new since I only wear them two days a week, or if I run out to do an errand doing the week.

This took longer than it sounds because I keep colored laces on the weekend shoes, so had to take the colored laces off the weekend shoes, then took the laces off the present work shoes and put the colored laces on them. One set of laces went back on the best of the two pair of weekend shoes, to be put aside in case I have a grubby job in the yard or something similar. Then I put the former work shoes, now weekend shoes, in the closet and put the new shoes out of the box where I can get at them tomorrow morning in the dark. See?—simple!

(It eventually did rain, but not much.)

We had pizza for supper since we hadn't had any for a while and watched "Remembrance of the Daleks." I had forgotten how Sylvester McCoy used to rolllllll his r's with his lovely Scots accent! And of course all the self-referential remarks within the story. I do hate the Daleks, though.

Anyone catch "Wallander" (based on books by Henning Mankell) on Masterpiece Mystery tonight? This is the first of three parts of a series made in Great Britain, after it was made as a series in its native country. In the British version the world-weary, almost too empathic detective is played by Kenneth Brannagh, looking his tiredest and most world-weary. The series was filmed on location in Sweden and the cinematography is moody and often abstract. And I thought The Last Detective wandered into melancholia! This is gritty alà Waking the Dead (Wallander is as driven as Peter Boyle.) The mystery aspect was excellent, beginning with a 15-year-old in a rapeseed field who sets herself afire before Wallender's horrified eyes and concerning a killer who is "taking scalps" after murdering several prominent men. A nice plus: David Warner plays Wallender's father, an artist in the early stages of Alzheimers.

I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! My "fids" (via James) bought me two stuffed animals: a Jack Russell terrier and a budgie.

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