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» Saturday, May 02, 2009
Out for the Day
Man, I am pooped! We left the house at quarter to nine and didn't get home until around seven.

We had hair day this morning and, before going there, went to the first farmer's market of the season at Marietta Square. The booths were all squished between the train tracks and Church Street because of the arts and crafts festival going on on the actual square. We ate some samples, James bought a ham and cheese croissant for breakfast, and we bought corn on the cob, vine-ripe tomatoes, and cucumbers. It was nice and cloudy and we would have loved to linger, but instead we circumvented the repair crew on Powder Springs Road and went on our way via Dallas Highway and Villa Rica Road. James stopped at Kroger for gasoline, so I ran inside to get celery and salad dressing and some baby greens (so we could add it to cucumber and tomato for a salad at hair day), a loaf of cinnamon bread, and bananas and bread for next week's lunch.

Anyway, the usual great time at hair day. We brought Colin his graduation gift—stuff for college (two bath sheets, facecloths, toothbrush and soap holder, collapsible hamper, a magnetic dry erase board with some magnets and dry erase markers, highlighters and Post-It note strips, all packed in a wastebasket) and two fun things: a small model Corvette and a book on Corvettes), which he seemed to enjoy. Lunch was sloppy joes, two kinds of macaroni salad plus our green salad, and some roast chicken, plus the mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert. "A good time was had by all," as they say.

Oh, and those vine-ripened tomatoes were first-rate! Sometimes they say they're vine-ripened and they turn out to be disgustingly mealy. These were juicy and tasty.

Kroger had milk for under $2/gallon, so we stopped there before dropping everything off at home, then went to the hobby shop. I love the new place—I can go sit in the meeting room with the "Mouse" while James talks with his friends.

We still had the 40 percent off coupons for Borders, so I suggested if James didn't mind driving, we could go into Buckhead to the big store. They have choices the smaller stores don't have. I was hoping I would find a recent biography of Walt Disney, but they didn't have it. However, we each found a more obscure volume; mine was another book of essays by Harlan Ellison, these about the movies. I don't always agree with Harlan, but I love reading his rants: they are at least literate and intelligent. I also picked up two bargain books, one about the Transcendentalists in Concord, MA (Emerson, Alcott, Thoreau, etc.) and one about Roald Dahl and the British secret service during WWII.

By now it was after six and we were starting to get peckish. We exercised adult choice and had dessert before dinner (Brusters), then stopped at Nuts and Berries to see if they had chunk TVP rather than flaked, but no luck. Since we were there we did get some of the flaked to top off our container.

On the way home we picked up something from Shane's Rib Shack and came home to make Willow's and Schuyler's evening and watched Star Trek: the Motion Picture (after reading John Kenneth Muir's recent retro review of it, thought I would like to see it again).

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