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» Saturday, May 30, 2009
Another morning James didn't wake up early! I can see we'll have to set the alarm to make the farmer's market on time. By the time we got there (9:45 a.m.) all the free parking was taken and I could see as we went by that some of the vegetable stands looked picked over. (I gotta admit we did well getting out of the house: I woke us up at 9:17 and we were out of the house by 9:35.)

James had an overpayment check, so we just drove to the bank in Smyrna to deposit that, and we checked out the new Smyrna farmer's market. It's...very small. LOL. Only two farm stands (one that sold honey, too), someone selling bread, and a salsa/tamale stand. James got a tamale for breakfast and I bought two ears of corn and a couple of fresh tomatoes. It's so nice to eat tomatoes that smell like tomatoes. The ones in the

No cucumbers, but you can get a halfway decent one in the supermarket.

We also stopped at McIntyre's bakery. They don't carry French bread, it looks like, although they do make sandwiches and soup for lunch. We got two chocolate chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The soup wasn't ready and I didn't see anything I wanted in the sandwiches.

So we came home and James had his tamale with chili and I had oatmeal and yogurt.

It's nice out right now, despite the sun: cool and with a breeze. Won't be cool long. I think I preferred the clouds!

(Oh, speaking of shopping...did you ever have something just jump in front of your eyes and scream "buy me for _____________"? That happened last night! So, Jen, you have a small surprise coming in August...heh)

I put some show on PBS on called Save Money Now! Geez, what a joke! Three or four tips and the host and hostess start shilling for either the DVD package you get for pledging or just pledging period. I don't think they actually filled fifteen minutes with the money-saving stuff! You get more info on Clark Howard's show even with the dingbat commercials.

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