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» Wednesday, April 15, 2009
A Workweek Countdown
Oh, I've been counting down the days this week. Finding the story about Johnnie was the highlight of Monday, since with the rain I came home nursing the sinus headache from hell. (It was a pain in the neck for others as well; I found out Tuesday that my supervisor had been out Monday because of sinus troubles.) I'm not sure how I managed the last six miles home, although I was incredibly lucky and made it home in 35 minutes. I walked the dog and then retreated to a nice soft pillow after ingesting nice solid ibuprofin tablets.

Thankfully House was calm compared to last week. An unremarkable Antiques Roadshow and a compilation Animal Cops.

Tuesday began with rain and thunder accompanied by dog barks in the wee hours of the morning, and a nice cold front coming through, but ended in surrender. The Ranitidine has been a dead loss as a sole remedy for the acid reflux. I had spent Tuesday and the last few days being utterly miserable with my esophagus burning almost constantly. I simply must have something to cut the excess acid. I took a Prilosec before Tuesday's dinner and went back to my usual dosage today, and I'm burping again but at least not in pain.

The doctor did say it might not work, but I'm bummed.

Today was frustrating. I did get some mods and some orders done, but couldn't complete one because the vendor's CCR registration (required for award) had lapsed and a quote had expired on another. On a positive note, I got all my payment authorizations finished, but only after thoroughly confusing numbers in the followup e-mails. Gah. I hate numbers.

We had the grass cut today for the first time since last fall. I ended up calling the lawn service from last year. We had considered hiring someone else, but they had given up doing lawn service. We had also considered looking into hiring the company that does the complex landscaping as well as cutting the lawns of some of the neighbors, but I couldn't catch up with the guy this morning when he came to cut the lawns. Instead I spoke to the guy who did the existing service about the problem we had last year: the riding mower.

Look, I loathe cutting lawns. On my list of things I'd rather do than cut the lawn, I'd rather have menstrual cramps or do algebra. It doesn't help that I'm allergic to everything out there. So I can't blame anyone for buying a riding mower. The trouble is that dip that is in the lawn between our house and the one next door; it holds water every time it rains and when you drive a riding mower through it, the wheels tear into the wet ground and leave mud.

So I asked if he would use the regular mower, just on that spot, and it looks as if he did. It's still muddy, especially since in the back we left the pile of leaves where it was and now it's a patch of dirt where the mower skidded last year. TruGreen will probably want to reseed it and I'll let them.

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