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» Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Weather and Work
It's been cloudy or it's been rainy. I went to work and came home. It rained during lunch yesterday when the weather reporters swore it wouldn't start until after seven. House was good Monday night, reminiscent of the M*A*S*H episode "POV." Haven't watched Castle yet. So that was the last two days, except for being sick to my stomach yesterday afternoon. I think what I had for lunch was spoiled, so out that will go, and I'm not having any more of it for a while.

Yesterday at some point when I was cleaning my glasses I knocked off one of the nosepads. I'd hoped to let it wait until Friday, but the headache I got last night from having crooked glasses convinced me not to. I decided to wait until the mall opened and take an hour's leave to go get them fixed (especially since after two hours of having them on my nose they were already hurting). I figured this would take an hour since we are only six miles from Cumberland Mall. Yeah, right. It took me 20 minutes to get there and even longer coming home having been stuck behind everything from a bus to someone doing ten miles an hour under the speed limit, plus I had to wait at the eyeglass place, so it was more like 90 minutes. When I got back I logged right back into my computer intending to get back to my orders, and instead spent over a half hour on the phone trying to resolve a problem that wasn't mine to resolve in the first place. I did everything I could to track down the cause, but there was no way to resolve it because I didn't know what caused it. The people who would know better to solve it shunted it off on me. By the time I got done what I really felt like doing was throwing the kind of tantrum my parents never allowed me to throw as a kid.

Instead I got another glass of water and put a couple of things away. Sheesh!