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» Saturday, April 25, 2009
Suppertime...and The Livin' is Easy
James came home quite chuffed...he won Model of the Month.

They had a funny thing at the IPMS meeting today. There's a member who usually disses rocket models, so two years ago they played a joke on him and everyone built a rocket kit for that meeting. Well, they decided to do it again this month. This year they not only built a rocket, but the same rocket, sort of a generic rocketship with a central body and four boosters.

James actually built two. One was his conception of the "Silver Star," the spaceship of Rory Rammer, Space Marshal, in Ron Butler's Atlanta Radio Theatre Company stories. The other was a "kit bash" (their term for modifying a model). He extended the body with some PVC piping and made a "Gunstar" from The Last Starfigher. This is the one that won Model of the Month.

While he was out I designed a blog page for our homeowners association.

We had dinner at the IHOP on Cobb Parkway (near Best Buy). What a difference in service here and at the IHOP on the East-West Connector. The latter aren't really rude, but they always seem to be in another world. When I dine there I always feel ignored. Tonight our waitress must have asked us if we were okay a dozen times.

Stopped at Costco, but all we bought was BreatheRight strips. For dessert we had ice cream at Brusters then, came home to watch backlogged Jeopardy eps.

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