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» Saturday, April 25, 2009
Summertime Already
Gah. It's 83°F out and supposed to hit 85. Maybe more.

Hate summer, hate summer, hate summer. (I know it's still spring, but it feels like summer.)

We had a call from Kroger this morning saying James' prescription was ready. This was weird since he didn't know he had a prescription waiting. :-) But we were headed there anyway as he had another that needed refilling and we also needed wild bird seed. Turned out the little bags weren't on sale any more but the large ones were, so we got 20 pounds of basic bird seed and a small bag of finch food, which is finer and looks more like Schuyler's seed. Also got some new corn holders, bananas, and a couple of other things.

The biggest thing we came out of Kroger with was stuffy noses. I wasn't 20 feet into the store before I sneezed...and sneezed, and my nose swelled up. By the time we left I felt like I was smothering. They are reconstructing in the deli/produce area and all I can think of is that they raised a lot of dust and maybe even some hidden mold. James was sneezing, too, and we were very glad to get out of there.

Next we went to Walmart again. The green T-shirt I bought yesterday didn't fit, so I exchanged it for a new one. James decided to get a pair of new pants and we found such nice ones that he bought two and I bought him a third pair as well as two pocket T-shirts that were only $5.50 each! They're Wil's and Skye's Father's Day gift to him. :-)

I was thinking of yesterday's Today show; I just happened to peek at the television while "Hoda" was talking about throwing away clothes. To be "green," she said, you should never throw away clothes—have a clothing exchange party with friends! I was laughing so hard. Honey, any clothes we finally throw away here aren't fit for another human being to wear, unless they are desperate. I throw clothes away only if they have holes in them, ditto James. He wears his T-shirts until they are not fit to be seen outside anymore. Then he wears them inside only. When they get holes he converts them into rags and takes them downstairs to use when he models. We keep one raggy shirt for when we have to board the animals. He sleeps in it a couple of nights so it has his scent and then he leaves it with Willow to comfort her. As I said in a previous post, I have sleeveless shirts that I bought for Magicon, which was 1992. I finally said the heck with it this year and bought new shirts because these just don't fit around the TFH anymore!

Around our house the motto for clothing is the old one: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." If we have a particular piece of clothing that is still good looking, unstained and stylish, it goes to Goodwill. I never take raggy clothing to Goodwill. I've heard people bragging about doing this. How gross!

By the time we got out of Kroger it was boiling hot. Gah. From Walmart we stopped at Lowes on the way home to get safflower seed and more suet. We mixed all the seed bags into the bucket immediately and then James went off to his IPMS meeting. I took Willow outside and the moment she was back in the house she raced around looking for James. When she finally realized he wasn't here, she sacked out in a depressed heap under the fan.

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