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» Saturday, April 11, 2009
Saturday on the Move
A cloudy cool morning, just right for sleeping...well, when the dog isn't barking. :-) Sometimes there are advantages to a dog door.

But it was time to get up anyway. I decided that I would take care of the state tax payment today instead of waiting until the 15th. I've no great nostalgia for those days before we bought a house and were paying in $800 in Federal taxes and $600 in state taxes every year, and joined the parade at the post office the evening of April 15 to drop checks in the slot.

It's been so long that we've done anything but file electronically and then get a refund that I kept consulting the printout that TurboTax produced to make sure I had everything! Strange how we got a $400+ refund last year and have to pay in $88 this year. Anyway, copied, stapled, tucked, and stamped, and at last the envelope was ready. We also finally arranged to mail a very late Hanukkah gift—first we had to find a mailing tube, then we kept forgetting it, and then it turned out we didn't have a home address, so we used a work address instead.

Then the shopping portion of our morning. ::snore:: As I guessed, our Publix does not stock the small whole wheat low-carb tortillas that I had seen up in Kennesaw. We are going to try a couple of other Publix stores on the way out to Trader Joe's and can probably hit some different ones on the way home, as there are Publixes everywhere these days. Got some twofers and more of the paper towels because they are such a good deal and we use less with the pick-a-sheet. Also got the usual stuff at Kroger (yogurt, as Publix doesn't carry my flavor, and the bananas) since James had to pick up a couple of prescriptions.

And we did the post awful as well and were finally free.

The clouds continue and there is a nice breeze rather than the wuthering wind of yesterday. Very nice for riding! Unfortunately the rest of the day became a bit tiring. We had to go to three other Publix stores to finally find the right tortillas. In the meantime we went to Trader Joe's and got more of their wonderful three-nut and flake cereal, and various other things we can't get at the supermarket.

Also made brief stops at Michaels and Fuzziwig's, and by the time we were done, we were knackered. Came home to leftovers (me) and some wings (James) and watched another Doctor Who we missed when the satellite box died ("The Sontaran Strategem").

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