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» Thursday, April 09, 2009
On Thursday
Well, finally put the Easter decorations up. I had a Swiffer duster I needed to toss out, but before I disposed of it, I "swiffed" off the porch. Gah, all the pollen dust! Everything went up on the porch but the flag with the cross on it. I don't feel right putting that up before midnight on Saturday.

Meanwhile, there are Eastery flourishes everywhere: the china cabinet, the table, in front of the television, on the tape console, and of course downstairs in the foyer, where the Easter tree holds court. I had forgotten the cute little "footed" egg cups I bought, two tiny rabbits, and the two mini "basket stuffer" Beanies: a rabbit and a lamb.

Plus I vacuumed upstairs, and the stairs—all this and a day of work, too.

This was my first day on Ranitidine (Zantac). I did pretty well until suppertime, when we had turkey thighs. I stripped the skin off them and sprinkled only some mint and parsley flakes and a little sweet sauce on them, and didn't use gravy when I ate it, but it's still making me burp. But I know it takes a while for the medication to get into your system. I remember when I started taking Claritin it didn't work well for the first week. So I'm crossing fingers.

Speaking of food, the farmer's market on the square reopens May 2. Cool! Fresh sweet corn soon!

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