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» Friday, April 03, 2009
Keeping Contained
I made up for several sleepless nights this morning; by the time I got up, it was 11 a.m. I had the usual breakfast and a conflict with myself: there was a book I wanted, but it was only at the Borders in Dunwoody, near Perimeter Mall. I didn't mind the drive, but it was lunchtime and Perimeter is full of restaurants that are patronized by nearby office workers.

It was a nice day: high 50s, very low 60s eventually, with a sharp wind blowing. The wind was both a blessing and a curse, as it kept it cool, but it was tossing around the gritty pine pollen that has turned the streets, sidewalks, and any other horizontal—and in some cases vertical—surface into yellow-sheened dustiness. You can taste it in your mouth. Yeech. The dogwoods are now in full bloom and deserted lots are more than likely to be overgrown with wisteria, plump collections of purple blossoms draping over skeletons of trees, chain link fences, and other vertical structures.

Surprisingly, Ashford-Dunwoody Road nor its exit were backed up at all and I was able to go in and out of Borders with no trouble. Since I was there I thought I would stop at the Container Store. Then I hit a problem: Perimeter Center West was a solid block of traffic since they had the right lane shut down for most of its length. So it took me a good fifteen minutes to inch a very short distance before I got to the shopping center. So I ducked into Barnes & Noble to use the bathroom and came out with two bargain books. LOL. This is not hard: I am always constantly surprised on how many more books B&N has than Borders! But you have to pay for B&N's book discount program and Borders is free, so I continue shopping at the latter. Anyway, I bought The Great Upheaval: America and the Birth of the Modern World, 1788-1800 by Jay Winik and Beppe Severgini's La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind (which has terrible reviews, but I thought I'd try it out anyway).

In the Container Store I got two two-level wire shelving units. One will replace the wire shelf under the hall bathroom sink. When we moved in I just tossed everything from under the sink in the old hall bath under the sink in the new one, and it was rather a dog's breakfast down there. This will sort all the little bits of things better: Therma-patches, wipes, nightlight bulbs, etc.

I made my break out of there by 2:45, not wanting to face Friday rush-hour, which was already starting (traffic was a mess tonight anyway from people leaving on spring break—joy, that means I won't get a darn thing done next week because almost no one will be in the office). I had planned to go to the Michaels in Dunwoody, but the only way there was through the road that was still backed up. Never mind. I went to the one closer to the house and got things to finish James' mom's birthday/Mother's Day gift.

Also stopped at Publix. Not much going with twofers this week, but they did have the Brawny pick-your-own-size packs on sale. I like the pick-packs since you don't need to use a huge piece of paper towel to do a little task. Plus I got a baguette, which came in handy later on.

When James arrived home we went to Fresh2Order and picked up some supper to bring home, as he was going to cook some things for Hair Day tomorrow: I had the full bowl of the creamy chicken vegetable soup, which is so thick it is more like stew, so it was quite a hearty meal, especially with a nice piece of baguette to dunk into it. We found an HD program about dogfights on tonight, so James was baking cornbread later than he intended. Great graphics, and the pilots were flying actual World War II aircraft (a Wildcat and a Zero) in re-inacting the dogfights, rather than using CGI as on the series Dogfights. Pretty cool.

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