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» Friday, April 10, 2009
High Wind Over Georgia
We are expecting some storms and there is even a tornado warning in Floyd County further north. I have all the windows open and the wind is whistling through like it's a winter night on the moors. The gusts are quite noisy; Heathcliffe and Cathy would feel right at home! When I took Willow out for her walk, all the little stuffed animals and some of the eggs on the front porch had tumbled down and had to be reseated. The wind has also knocked over and broken the plastic spray bottle that James keeps near the grill. Oddly, this is the first time that bottle has been knocked over all winter despite some windy days.

It rained briefly earlier this morning, but I was able to fill the bird feeder and watch it patronized by the cardinal couple, the usual little nuthatches and chickadees and titmice, and the male downy woodpecker even came by.

Work was quiet today. I got an order done early but mostly spent the day corresponding with people to get updated information or forms. I have one order that I was just assigned today that is a corker: another last-minute one. It has to be awarded by mid-May and because of the price has to be publicly advertised for at least two weeks.

It's very spooky out there. When the wind stops it gets almost totally silent. Even the birds have quit singing. There is a nuthatch on the deck, but he's just sitting there looking around. Makes me nervous. (Wait. More birds and they're eating; that's better. No sirens yet.)

I spent my lunch hour dubbing off this week's Castle and am now clearing off the DVR again. I've really let it pile up because I knew GSN was stopping the What's My Line? broadcasts on April 1 and wanted some to watch later. But it's really not good to keep everything piled on it, either.

Had a disappointment and a surprise today, video-wise: I had the DVR programmed to record the lovely Christmas movie, Come to the Stable, with Loretta Young, from Fox Movie Channel this morning. Unfortunately I forgot that the box does updates daily at 7 a.m. and this took place in the middle of Stable, so I only got an hour of it. Bother. No upcoming broadcasts—in the next week anyway.

However, the DVD I ordered from Amazon Marketplace came in the mail today, after only four days! This is a Disney Movie Club exclusive that someone was selling at a price equivalent to one in a store, taken from a three-part television story, one of my favorites, Atta Girl, Kelly!, the story of a Seeing Eye dog. She is raised by a little boy as a 4H project, then must transfer her allegiance first to her trainer, then to the blind gentleman she must guide. I remember Arthur Hill being Kelly's eventually owner, but I had forgotten that his roommate at the Seeing Eye guide dog training school was played by James Olson, whom he would co-star with four years later in The Andromeda Strain.

I'm still struggling with the new medicine; not feeling sick, exactly, but it's still bothering me. Had a stiff neck this morning, but ad had trouble sleeping and tossed and turned, so it was to be expected.

Oh, yeah, I did two loads of laundry, too.

Willow's starting to cling to me. That's not a good sign.

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