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» Friday, April 17, 2009
Greetings from Unicoi
We're in the North Georgia mountains for our annual visit/convocation with friends.

We slept until nine, had breakfast. We'd loaded the car last night, and while James had Willow out for a walk, I put the netbooks and the camera in the car, so all we had to do was load up the animals. Schuyler was wide-eyed for a moment, then settled down to chirp. Willow cried for a few miles then looked worried the rest of the way.

Poor Willow. She's been doing this for ten, actually nine, since we didn't go to Atomicon the year my mom died...and she still has to be carried into the back, trying to get away. Schuyler actually chirbled a little to the attendant who took her back.

By this time it was nearly lunchtime, so we stopped at the 42nd Street Market for an Italian lunch. I had a proscuitto, mozzarella and olive oil sandwich—without the mozzarella and olive oil. Just bread and ham. Really good bread, too! We split an eclair for dessert; it was covered with chocolate rather than just having a bit of it dribbled on the top.

It was sunny, in the high 60s, with a nice breeze, and we had a lovely ride. No one was in the complex when we arrived, so we dumped our stuff in our room and went out to walk around downtown. We stopped at a neat store where they sold clocks and Scandinavian things, and James bought me a new Swiss Army knife because mine was partially broken. We also found a present for someone for Christmas.

Saw some beautiful quilts, went in and out of gift shops, had some frozen lemonade (not as good as Del's, but nothing ever is), walked over the bridge spanning the Chattahoochee River, and watched a mallard duck hen cadge food from the diners near the water.

Now are back in the lodge common area chatting.

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