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» Friday, April 17, 2009
Greetings from Unicoi, Part 2
We ate supper at the lodge restaurant with Jerry. The food's not much, but we didn't feel like driving anywhere. We had the cabbages and kings talk: just about everything, television, books, electronics, life (the universe and everything). I didn't eat much, as it was either breaded/fried or barbecue. Instead when we came back I had the extra little "bun" (that's what we called them in Rhode Island; the deli called them "rolls," and they look like mini loaves of Italian bread) with some butter from the restaurant. That was good!

The lodge has four clusters, 20 rooms to a cluster, in a v-shape with a central area. There is a lower area around the fireplace with sofas, and then an upper area with a sofa and a bunch of chairs. We add tables and put all sorts of snacks, fruit and drinks on them. Someone usually brings peanut butter and jelly fixings and bread. And here we all sit and talk. James and I are on our netbooks and Jeff is working on his laptop. Jake is stretched out on a sofa reading. Ben and Rocky and Rocky's friend whose name I don't know are playing dominoes on the top of a table. Mel is talking to Ken's parents and sister. Claudia and Phyllis are chatting and Ron is reading a book while Lin and Colin and Laura hover behind. Amanda is showing smocking to Juanita, Oreta, and Terica. Jaime and Jerry are sitting near James and I talking with us.

Oh, look, Oreta's brought Chronology. I have several games in the room...maybe I ought to get them...

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